Human Resources work to improve the performance of the organization by integrating continual learning in organizational life. We strive for excellence in recruiting and development, health, safety and employee relations.

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Our team

The quality of our logistics services is a perfect reflection of our hard working team. Our people are best described as professional, competent, innovative and flexible.

Our team works in an environment of constant evolution which is focused on operational excellence and continuous improvement. Our workforce is dedicated to achieve the highest standards in order to offer complete satisfaction to our valued customers.

Our human resources department is supported and driven by recruitment strategies, effective communications, training and Development as well as positive employee relations.

Open communication is the key to fostering positive relationships among our employees. Initiatives that ensure an approach that maintains a pro-active focus on employee satisfaction include:

Monthly newsletters, departmental meetings, quarterly management meetings, annual performance reviews.

Our Goal is to enhance and promote performance and excellence to meet our mission, vision, and business plan objectives

Additional employee relations tools include:

  • Internal job posting system
  • Social events
  • Commitment to health and safety
  • Annual employee opinion survey


Introduction to employees include:

  • Company history, vision, mission, values
  • Individualized “welcome packages”
  • Individual employee meetings
  • Follow-up employee meetings
  • Complete employee sign up
  • 30/90 review process and focus group
  • 12 months – conduct employee opinion survey