How It Works

Ship to Wiptec

Either you want to manufacture your own products or order them from various suppliers around the globe; you simply need to send your goods directly to one of our facilities. No need to worry about space availability and receiving capacity, Wiptec offers scalable solutions that will sustain your peaks and growth.

Receive and Inspect Stock

We receive, count, inspect and stock your products in our distribution centers. All received items are verified against the quantities reported in your receiving order (ASN). Quantity and quality discrepancies are highlighted and product (SKU) dimensions and weights are checked electronically.

You Sell Products

Orders are entered in your web store, accounting or ERP system and instantly transmitted to our system. We take out the pain that comes from managing multi-channel and cross-channel sales by centralizing all your orders in our powerful yet flexible order management system which is part of our LEAD system.

Process, Pack & Ship

We use cutting edge technology and equipment to quickly fulfill your orders and ship perfect orders every time. Once the orders are in our LEAD system, we use automated RF picking and barcode scanning to pick, check, pack and ship your orders.

Satisfy Customer & Sell Again

Your customers receive their orders completed and on time, every time!  Gain a competitive edge in your market by giving your customers the highest level of service in the fulfillment and delivery of their orders.
How it works
How it works How it works How it works How it works How it works
Our scanning process and quality systems bring your order accuracy to an almost perfect level without increasing the order fulfillment processing times.

Our solutions provide you peace of mind and significantly increase your customers’ satisfaction by getting them their orders faster and more accurately. Shipping your orders through our fulfillment centers will immediately bring you to the highest standards in the industry while you can focus on your sales and growth.

Satisfied customers mean higher buy back rates and more business for you and for us. This is why we work in partnership with all of our customers in order to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction levels.