Canadian fulfillment center

Without a doubt, location plays a major part in whether outsourcing fulfillment and distribution is a cost-effective strategy. Having warehouses strategically located in both the East and West Coast provides our clients with nationwide coverage ensuring that products will be shipped in the fastest, most cost-effective manner.

Our Sherbrooke facility is strategically located near major highways which assure easy and fast access at all times. Our Sherbrooke fulfillment center is also in proximity to the U.S border and can facilitate shipments to and from the U.S.

Canadian Footprint

 Warehousing space in each location

  • Sherbrooke: 400 000 sq. ft.

The scope and scale of our operations provide you a net advantage in your supply chain management. No matter where you need to ship in Canada, we offer real-time solutions, top of the line expertise and true end-to-end supply chain visibility.