E-commerce fulfillment


The Importance of E-Logistics and E-Fulfillment

Electronic commerce not only revolutionized the way goods are sold, but the way they are delivered. Customers demand that customized products be delivered quickly with complete order flexibility and convenience. Today’s online customers want to be able to track their orders instantly from the moment they click the “Buy” button until the moment the package arrives on their doorstep, as well as being able to reroute packages, determine delivery costs and time-in-transit.

Getting your products to us

Everything starts when your product arrives at the WIPTEC logistics fulfillment center. Received goods are logged, counted and entered into our inventory control system and given a unique, dedicated warehouse location.

WIPTEC facilities are tightly secured and monitored 24/7 with video surveillance. Our environment is closely managed for cleanliness, climate-controlled and certified pest free. Everything is set up to make your products secure.

Scalable storage solutions

WIPTEC provides scalable floor space to stock your products without being bound by long-term contracts. Rather than having to support the large overhead costs associated with having your own warehouse, use just the right amount of floor space needed as your business grows. Slow months aren’t as stressful when your warehousing expenses can be scaled down accordingly.

Shipping your orders

Once your products are stored in our facility, we can efficiently process your incoming orders for shipment the same day with late cut-off times. Each order is professionally packed with order and tracking details provided through our web-enabled interface, accessible 24/7, with a world class service accuracy of 99.9%. We offer the highest level of service in the industry so your customers are the most satisfied and order from your business again and again. Wiptec also does same day delivery in the great Montreal area.

WIPTEC can take care of your special requirements during the order process like the insertion of an instruction manual, a promo slip, assembling components to a final product, combining products for promotions or re-labelling. Each of these are just examples of what can be part of the solution.

We are experts at packaging and provide custom solutions to your special needs. We brand packing slips with your logo, business policies and information, and can supply branded shipping boxes, custom tape and any other specialty packaging requirements.

E-commerce fulfillment

Outsource the work – not control

Contrary to what most may believe, outsourcing your inventory doesn’t stop you from closely managing your stock. In fact, it’s the other way around. Our web-based control panel allows you to track sales, inventory, orders and growth in real-time, worldwide. Like an extension of your operations, you also have direct communication with our team to address any items on your list.

Do we have it? How many are left? Where is it? WIPTEC inventory management web-based systems allow you to answer these questions from any place equipped with an internet connection. Incoming orders and shipped items are linked to this system, giving you a real-time status update of your inventory.

System reliability

Our warehouse management system and order management system are hosted and replicated on multiple remote servers, ensuring flawless reliability and guaranteed anytime access to systems worldwide.

WIPTEC can provide an efficient integrated framework allowing your business to quickly establish a best-in-class e-commerce fulfillment, tailored to meet the specific needs of your online retail or business-to-business operation.


Even with the best products in the world, returns can happen. Businesses often struggle to process and recover losses from returned merchandise. WIPTEC offers a streamlined process to handle warranty returns, repairs and testing while protecting customer loyalty and salvaging goods that could be reused in refurbishment or repacking.

LEAD system

Take control of your distribution network

With LEAD doing all the hard work, you can easily transform your business distribution into a powerful retail & e-commerce force without ever breaking a sweat!

  • Deploy and manage world-class fulfilment, pick & pack and e-commerce logistics
  • Thanks to the LEAD platform’s complete solution, eliminate the need to invest in multiple applications or expensive in-house development projects
  • Grow as needed because LEAD is scalable and can handle virtually any retail and e-commerce order volume or system demand
  • Create an enterprise-wide order management system because LEAD seamlessly integrates with and enhances the capabilities of all major ERP systems and e-commerce shopping carts.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction with real-time retail and e-commerce order processing and shipped order delivery
  • Ensure an efficient supply chain with optimized inventory and warehouse management
  • Lower your shipping costs by automatically routing orders to the warehouse, store or the drop-ship provider closest to the customer

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