Order Fulfillment

Perfect orders, every time

WIPTEC is not into the storage business, meaning that we have the same objective as our customers: keep inventories low and ship out the largest amount of orders as quickly and as accurately as possible while respecting customer requirements. Every day, our fulfillment centers ship thousands of orders for the retail and e-commerce industry and can offer you scalable solutions for your order fulfillment needs.

To offer the highest quality and service standards in the industry, WIPTEC utilizes cutting edge technology, modern equipment and a highly trained staff. Our solutions provide a competitive edge in fulfillment and distribution that enables our customers to make their markets grow within their respective industries.

Powerful technology that doesn’t give up flexibility

All orders are fulfilled in a paperless environment that uses real time wireless equipment like RF computers or other technologies such as pick to light. Technology combined with modern equipment such as pick towers with automated conveying systems allows Wiptec Logitics to achieve maximum efficiency. Every step of the order fulfillment process from the picking to the packing, kitting, labeling and shipping is optimised and driven by LEAD, our powerful and flexible WMS (warehouse management system).  LEAD’s flexibility enables us to build order fulfillment solutions that are customized for each of our customers and that correspond exactly with their business model. Our system can be remotely accessed by our customers and offers 100% live traceability over their products throughout the entire fulfillment process.

Pick and Pack

Taking out the complexity

Over the last 12 years, WIPTEC logistics has built a solid expertise in the pick and pack order fulfillment and e-commerce fulfillment procedures.

Depending on the velocity (turnover) of the SKUs and the amount of orders to be treated, different fulfillment methods are used. The use of large pick towers with motorized conveyers and sortation systems allows us to fulfill great volumes of pick and pack orders in a very short period of time. Pick to light systems are also used for high velocity products. For slower moving SKUs or for lower volume of orders, cart picking within optimised picking lines is preferable. Dynamic analysis of SKU turnover and order trends are made to improve each of our customers’ order layout and fulfillment efficiency.

By using modern pick towers and cutting edge hands free picking equipment, Wiptec is able to pick, pack and ship thousands of orders each day with an accuracy level of 99.9%.

In order to achieve the highest level of accuracy and to provide complete traceability, products are scanned at various strategic points throughout the order fulfillment process.  This also allows our customers to keep a complete real time view of the entire process while staying informed of the progress of their orders.

Late cut off times

With reactive systems and efficient pick and pack methods, lead times are kept short. Our late order cut off times help our customers ship the most orders the same day and manage last minute emergencies. This translates to an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

E-commerce orders

E-commerce fulfillment has its own particularities and requires high accuracy combined with quick packing and customizable service. To answer the fast growing needs in e-commerce logistics, we have developed leading industry solutions that meet the highest level of service. Learn more on our e-commerce Logistics  solutions section for more details on our expertise in this field.

Master pack order fulfillment (Cherry Pick)

For orders that require higher quantities per SKU or for business models that are sold only in master packs, Wiptec uses optimised picking areas and picking lines to reduce traveling and eliminate unnecessary handlings.  Using this fulfillment model, a very large amount of units can be picked and shipped while keeping costs at a minimum.

High volume distribution

Each day, WIPTEC cherry picks and ships thousands of cartons from an inventory of over 50 000 SKUs. These large quantity orders require strict procedures to ensure that order accuracy is maintained. All of our picking equipment and operators are connected on our LEAD WMS that drives the picking operations in real time and validates every picked product. Barcode scanners are used at every step to insure that the products and the quantities always match the orders.

After being picked, cartons will go through one of our shipping stations that once again validate that the right goods are being shipped to the right customer. At this point, our WMS also controls any special operations that must be done on the product or any specific customer requirements.

Thanks to our powerful WMS, we’re able to reduce the amount of handling and traveling needed to fulfill these orders. The result of this great efficiency is a reduction of order fulfillment costs while improving service, cutting lead times and improving accuracy.

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