Distribution center management


All warehousing solutions offered by Wiptec are supported by our powerful warehouse management system (WMS) in order to optimize the available space and considerably reduce warehousing costs. Our warehouses are configured in part with both VNA (very narrow aisle) and NA (narrow aisle) allowing direct access to an impressive number of SKUs when they are stored in medium to low volumes. We also use double and triple deep and bulk configurations when a large warehousing density is needed.

Wiptec offers many different options to best accommodate your needs. No matter which warehousing solution is chosen, our dedicated team will take charge of all the handling activities from the reception of the goods until they are shipped. Wiptec Logistics can also take in charge transportation and freight management.


Wiptec Logistics offers its customers the following warehousing solutions:

Public warehousing

Public warehousing (multi-client) allows us to group a number of customers in a common space and has the benefit to share resources and operating costs. Whether you need simple or sophisticated warehouse space, Wiptec logistics offers various dedicated solutions within a multi-customer environment. The resulting synergies include flexibility of operations, economies of scale and a shift from fixed cost to variable cost per client. This type of warehousing, also known as multi-user warehousing also guarantees the most competitive storage costs to our customers.


  • Increased flexibility
  • Manages changing distribution needs (growth, seasonal peaks, etc.)
  • Pay only for services, space and time needed
  • No long term engagement
  • Shared resources
  • Avoid capitalization


Dedicated warehousing

Wiptec Logistics also offers dedicated warehousing solutions to answer all your specific needs. We are capable to adapt and dedicate our warehousing systems in order to store your non-standard items that need special warehousing techniques or configurations. Storage for carpets, tires, hockey sticks, furniture or rolls of paper are good examples of products that need a dedicated warehousing solution. Consequently, Witpec provides warehousing and handling services for merchandise stored on non-standard pallets or goods that can’t be stored on pallets at all.

Contract warehousing

Wiptec can provide to its customers a dedicated warehouse space in order to answer various needs. Depending on the amount of space required, a sector or a complete building can be committed to serve a single customer. We can then control access based on customer demands and customize our systems in order to satisfy the needs.

Inventory Management

Thanks to the solid integration of our computerized inventory management system and rigorous procedures, Wiptec Logistics is able to maintain the highest standards in terms of inventory accuracy even when working with thousands of different products (SKU).

Wiptec also offers:

  • Custom inventory reports
  • Stock turn around (FIFO, FEFO, LILO, etc.)
  • Real time traceability and visibility
  • Lot, batch and serial number management (ex: best before dates)
  • Cycle counts
  • Paperless environment


Container stuffing & destuffing

Container destuffing or unloading can become a disruptive yet necessary activity that most warehouses and storage facilities encounter on a regular basis. Wiptec Logistics handles container deliveries for multiple clients on a daily basis and with our wide range of experience; we can offer efficient and timely handling of your freight needs. With a facility and staff fully trained to handle the worst of container packing, the unload process moves along quickly and seamlessly. This provides an invaluable option to customers and saves labour and costs as we take full charge of your containers and trailers to our depot for de-stuffing and handling. If required we can palletise, re-label, barcode and re-package to your requirements making goods ready for the on going supply chain.


In addition to container destuffing, our customer may also utilise Wiptec Logistics for unloading services only. Referred to as Cross Docking, a container is unloaded, products are then checked, palletised and shipped directly to a nominated address. This process avoids double handling, reduces costs and lead times to get your products to your customer or to your own facility.

Reverse Logistics (returns)

The key to a successful supply chain is not only planning how to distribute your product, but how to bring it back — both customer returns and obsolete products. Managing returns effectively allows you to recapture value or reduce write-offs, while keeping your customers happy. Whether we’re handling your product returns to put them back into inventory, or managing your recycling processes to help you safely dispose of your goods, we provide fully integrated, cost effective solutions to manage all your returns. Our system also provides you with a full visibility and traceability of your products as they are going through every step. We can create and manage your RMAs, keeping you posted with live status as we receive, inspect and repack or discard the merchandise.