WMS & Technology


All of our buildings are equipped with a complete RF infrastructure enabling us to work with the most advanced tools on the market as well as operating in real time. The use of many different bar code readers insures a great accuracy level throughout every process. Wiptec’s high end equipment also enables real-time follow-up on all logistics activities therefore offering complete traceability to our customers.

The following are examples of the type of equipment Wiptec uses to perform its operations:

  • RF infrastructure
  • Pick tower, pick modules and pick to light
  • Automated conveyor system
  • Ring scanners
  • RF arm computers
  • Mobile RF computers
  • Wire guidance system
  • Electronic signature pad
  • Telescopic conveyors
  • Etc.

All of our buildings are equipped with complete security systems that include:

  • Security cameras
  • RFID access control
  • Security system and secured yard
  • ESFR fire water sprinkler system