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Order management

LEAD Order management system(OMS)

Flawless Order Management equals Perfect Orders Every Time

With customer satisfaction always at stake, you need a powerful supply chain management system that executes flawlessly from order capture all the way through order fulfillment, one that even encompasses product returns and repair. LEAD is the leap frog step that your business needs to upgrade to actual industry standard.

LEAD manages the entire product life cycle, from the load at factory to the delivery at store or consumer address. And, since LEAD processes information in real time, you can keep track on order status at any time, retrieving analytics for performance insights and continuous process improvement.

LEAD also manages all e-commerce order types, originating from any order source. They can include backorders, blanket orders, split orders, complex continuity orders and more. LEAD can also execute extremely complex sets of user-defined rules (some clients use tens of thousands of rules) as it processes orders, ensuring compliance with your business practices. Also, when you have stock in multiple warehouses, LEAD applies your inventory rules to ascertain the most appropriate warehouse for fulfillment.

The result: perfect orders, sourced to the optimal location that can be picked, packed and shipped the same day and delivered the next day. This flawless execution equates to cost savings and satisfied customers who keep coming back to you.