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Transport management

LEAD transport management system (TMS)

The LEAD Transportation Management System increases the control our clients have over operations while enhance customer service and improving efficiency. Transportation management provides real-time tools needed to accurately build, route, assign and track shipments. Orders are managed in a sophisticated environment, exposing the most cost efficient method of transportation. In addition to this basic use, the T.M.S. can provide optional value added features such as:

  • Load building – an automatic analysis tool for sequentially building loads using real world constraints
  • Mode selection – where possible, optional carrier methods can be selected automatically
  • Least cost carrier selection – an automatic carrier selection tool for choosing the carrier best suited for the area of shipment given the criteria set up. The comparison method is done electronically.
  • Shipment consolidation – a tool used to determine if shipping several small shipments into a single multiple stop full load shipment.
  • Interface with other systems for security and confirmation
  • KPI management – using the captured data, reporting can be developed to determine carrier compliance, on-time performance and other important KPI measurements.

We are able to manage the life cycle of an order including: order entry, planning, tendering, assigning carriers and tracking status.