WMS & Technology

Distribution center management

LEAD warehouse management system (WMS)

Receiving is made easy as all the information received via ASN is in our system. The warehouse staff confirms every receiving steps live in the system. The inspection requirements for each product are fully configurable with unlimited criteria (color, price, UPC, etc.). The inspection is system driven and the information is available to the operator working on the floor. An inspection report is automatically generated if discrepancies are detected at whatever degree. Then the system can send warnings via email to the receiving supervisor so that further investigation can be made or to generate a work order. All the information regarding the receiving process is available to our clients via our system or can be communicated by e-mail.

Put away is the next operation that LEAD will manage. If the goods are in backorder, the system will advise to cross dock the products directly to order fulfilment. In other cases, LEAD monitors the level of stock in inventory and tells the operator on where to locate the goods either in storage, picking lines or in pick towers. Every step is tracked live via barcode scans so we can get a full traceability of every movement. At that step we also manage all turnover sequences including FIFO, FEFO, LILO, lot numbers, serial numbers, expiration dates, etc.

Order picking. LEAD manages order picking by choosing the best route for the order picker. This means the order pickers never have to go twice in a location and prevent useless and costly footsteps. Again, everything is tracked for traceability reasons, accuracy and performance. Our paperless environment gives us the ability to react quickly for any rush orders and large volumes. The order picker simply receives a new priority sequence on its screen without having to ask anybody!

Order fulfillment: LEAD manages retail fulfillment for small or larger banners like Wal-Mart or Costco. All EDI requirements are encoded in the barcode to meet client standards. We prepare orders ready to be cross docked at customers’ distribution centers, pick and pack by store (B2B) or per address for direct consumer delivery (B2C). Fulfillment is also done in a paperless environment and barcodes are scanned in real time to keep visibility on every order.

Work orders: LEAD handles different types of work orders such as price ticketing, kitting, re- packaging, etc. The system can also be set for auto quotation mode so you can quote your work order and know exactly your costs before taking any actions. These system-driven operations follow activity based costing meaning that you only pay for what you need.

Shipping: LEAD will manage that critical part of the supply chain with full traceability and accuracy as every pallet is scanned during the loading. LEAD can also manage loading sequences and other requirements such as pooling.

LEAD WMS advantage

1. Increase efficiency and productivity through:

  • Order accuracy
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Picking and shipping accuracy
  • Order Fill rate
  • Labour productivity
  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness
  • KPI reporting
  • Lot control, FIFO, FEFO
  • Improved decision making

2. Increase supply chain visibility with:

  • Real time information
  • Web-based visibility
  • Executive dashboard reporting

3. Reduce costs through:

  • Activity based costing
  • Freight optimization and consolidation
  • Labour cost reduction through labour management software and engineering standards

4. Allow for proactive management of your account through event management.

5. Provides alerts for predefined thresholds and critical events.