Why WIPTEC pick, pack & ship

About us

Our expertise

With over 13 years in the logistics industry, WIPTEC logistics is specialized in providing 3PL services related to order fulfillment (B2B), pick & pack, e-commerce logistics (B2C), warehousing and distribution center management as well as value added services. As a 3PL, we partially or completely take charge of our customers’ logistics operations in order to provide them with the lowest possible costs as well as a superior operational efficiency.

WIPTEC pick, pack & ship performs various secondary operations such as kit preparations, labelling, packing, etc. WIPTEC sets itself apart from the 3PL industry by adopting a solid partnership approach. We work to build a confidence based relationship with each one of our customers in order to develop solutions that are perfectly adapted and profitable for both parties.

Our expertise combined with our great flexibility enables us to support and accelerate our partners’ growth, because they can spend more time focussing on their core business.

We desire to further develop our business on the 3PL logistics market by specifically targeting companies that wish to impart their order fulfillment processes.  WIPTEC possesses their own supply chain management system (LEAD), which is at the finest point of technology and permits us to offer a very high level of order fulfillment accuracy and efficiency. Our strong expertise in this domain allows us to distinguish ourselves from other 3PL and 4PL industries and offer our customers world class distribution centers that meet the highest standards in the industry.

Being a leader and always looking for innovative solutions, WIPTEC’ goal is to offer companies from all over the world, complete, efficient and strategic solutions, from the source to the shelf.

What You Get

  • Expertise. Focus on your core competencies and benefit from ours.
  • Savings. Customers have realized freight savings of more than 50 percent.
  • Speed. Gain time-to-market competitive advantages.
  • Reduced Risk. Get proven, predictive cost models, no capital expenditures.
  • Quality. Build your brand with best-in-class technology and services.
  • Scalable. Leverage enterprise technology and unlimited warehouse capacity.
  • Flexible. Adapt to changes in business and shifts in the marketplace thanks to no fixed infrastructure constraints.
  • More Profitable. Share infrastructure and technology without sharing revenue.
  • Control. Maintain ownership of your channel.
  • Accountability. Rely on a single-source solution with operational transparency that ensures SLA compliance.
  • Distribution center space. Get access to more than 500 000 square feet.
  •  Best-in-Class service level agreements. 99.9% order accuracy